What’s your FitnessFunda?

Posted by: | Sep 04, 2017  | 2 Comments

This September we have exciting offers and great deals waiting! Here is a fun way to grab ahold of these discounts! Fill out this FUN survey below that'll help you explore your exercise habits! Do so and earn an exclusive access to a promo code offering 20% off throughout September on all our equipment and accessories and a lucky few will also get additional gift vouchers worth Rs. 10,000! Don't let this opportunity slip! ... Read more

Appraisal Time! Stay Fit to Stay Ahead

Posted by:   |  May 18, 2017  | 2 Comments

Appraisal Time! Stay Fit to Stay Ahead It is that time of the year again for corporate India. No it is not Diwali or Christmas but it is the annual appraisal season. This is not a season to exchange gifts or messages of goodwill; but a time to evaluate and review your annual performan...  Read more

Home Workouts for Working Women

Posted by:   |  Apr 25, 2017  | 2 Comments

In today’s world, fitness is the ultimate goal for each one of us. We want to burn a few calories and stay as healthy as possible. For working women, staying fit is a nightmare since they have to manage both household and office works. To be honest, 24 hours a day is not enough ...  Read more

Posted by:   |  Oct 03, 2016  | 3 Comments

Running isn’t for everybody. If you’re one among those people that would rather eat rocks than go fora jog, you’re certain some excellent news. Running isn’t the foremost economical technique for burning calories. the typical person burns a mean of ten calories per min...  Read more