Appraisal Time! Stay Fit to Stay Ahead

Posted by: | May 18, 2017

Appraisal Time! Stay Fit to Stay Ahead It is that time of the year again for corporate India. No it is not Diwali or Christmas but it is the annual appraisal season. This is not a season to exchange gifts or messages of goodwill; but a time to evaluate and review your annual performance and costs to the company. When you open appraisal mails or listen to talks around the work place on the subject, the anxiety is palpable and lasts until review meetings are done Stay Fit is the Mantra to keep away Appraisal Anxiety Studies say that many employees experience anxiety a month before their annual appraisals and find it difficult to concentrate on their work. The best way to overcome appraisal related anxiety is to stay calm, stay ahead and stay fit. It is time to show your managers how fit and active you’re in your daily work. Exercise is considered as the vital element to maintaining both physical and mental health. YogaYoga is the best form of exercise for people who experience anxiety. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly experience reduced anxiety, stress... Read more

Home Workouts for Working Women

Posted by:   |  Apr 25, 2017  | 1 Comment

In today’s world, fitness is the ultimate goal for each one of us. We want to burn a few calories and stay as healthy as possible. For working women, staying fit is a nightmare since they have to manage both household and office works. To be honest, 24 hours a day is not enough ...  Read more

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Running isn’t for everybody. If you’re one among those people that would rather eat rocks than go fora jog, you’re certain some excellent news. Running isn’t the foremost economical technique for burning calories. the typical person burns a mean of ten calories per min...  Read more

Step up your fitness

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The material body is a fantastic issue. it’ll push itself to limits that variety people don’t even would like to think over. If you’ve ever found out then you’ve got done an exercise that’s challenged you. Maybe you felt your muscles burn a little—or to...  Read more