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Acme Fitness is looking for Dealers in important cities/towns!

Solid Business Model. Healthy Profit Margins. Be a part of a fast-growing fitness industry!

Acme Fitness is soliciting new dealerships in India and is on the look out for like-minded Individuals and parties who are keen to cash in on a growing fitness industry. If you are interested to open up a new Fitness Store, then we have everything you need to get started and get going.

Use the form below to express your interest in an Acme Fitness Dealership, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

What we expect

You must have a passion for Fitness and Wellness with a keen interest to take fitness to every home and closer to every heart.

You must have good financial assistance and be willing to invest in a state-of-the-art fitness store. Parties with warehouse facilities will be preferred.

The minimum space required is 700 sq.ft.

The location of the dealer store must be within city limits with good frontage. It must be located on the Ground Floor (First Floor or Basement in case of large high traffic malls can also apply).

Having in-house fitness trainers and installation staff will be an added advantage.

What we offer

World-leading, top-of-the-class Fitness Equipment and Accessories that suit every lifestyle.

Marketing and Sales Collateral Support including periodic promotions.

Installation and setup-guide support with after-sales service.

Visibility in the Online Media

Call us 81 4422 4422 or fill in the form below.

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