BH Fitness G6421C RT AERO PRO Treadmill

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ECO Mode Function – Run Green!

High training efficiency

ECO Mode Function® makes the
efficiency of indoor running
upgrading within the same workout
time by regulating the incline levels.


 Low power consumption

Tested by the world's leading
company, SGS. Under ECO Mode
Function®, BH treadmills deliver the
same performance with less power
consumption that reaches almost

Hyper-size 12 cm stand post design

The durable and firm oval-shaped
stand posts reach 12cm! It's the
same level with commercial use
treadmill. Except for enhancing the
toughness of frame, it could also
prevent users from injuries while

14 pre-set programs

Warm up and cool down are the basic
principles of running training, all the pre-
set programs of G6421C treadmill lower
the intensity at the beginning and end.
It helps you to protect your body while
exercising. Every athlete has his/her own
goal, and BH integrates the characteristics
of different needs to design different
training programs with suitable speed and
incline setting.



Shock Absorbing System

According to the data based on the training of BH Triathlon Team, BH R&D department re-designed the
shock absorbing system for G6421C treadmill. Larger contact surface not only transfers the pressure on
knees and ankles effectively, but also protects the running board while running.


SDS (Soft Drop System)

A safety system designed to keep the running board to descend at a slow speed and prevents back


Contact pulse measurement system

The convenient design of contact pulse
measurement system allows users easily and
comfortably control the exercise progress.


Blue backlit Grid LCD design

The data readout of G6421C treadmill adopts the
grid design. All the data display locates in
separate grid with big numbers and users can
read this data clearly at any circumstances.

Interactive display

The monitor ofG6421C treadmill displays not only
the basic information, including speed, incline,
pulse, time, distance and calories, but also
integrated with virtual running belt which allows
users to compete with computer agent


Speed / Incline instant keys

G6421C treadmill is integrated with the convenient
instant speed keys (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 km/h)
and instant incline keys (2、4、6、8、10、12、
15%) which make your workout more precisely.



Large control panel

According to the design of commercial use
treadmills, G6421C treadmill is integrated with
large start/pause and stop buttons. Besides, speed
up/down and incline up/down buttons allow users
to control workout levels more easily


Large & safe handle bar

The anti-slip rubber and best angle design of
handle bar could ensure the safety while workout.


Anti-slip and non-static electricity running belt

G6421C treadmill is equipped with 1.4T running
belt, the double woven 2-ply belt with three layers.
It provides the durability, stops the belt from over-
stretching, and protects G6421C treadmill from
static electricity.


Large non-slip footrests

The large non-slip rubber footrests which are in
accordance with the standards of EN957 can
prevent injuries and protect the running belt.


GP Green Efficient Motor

The peak horse power of G6421C treadmill
reaches 5.0. Users can do basic running training
or exercise walk with RT AERO PRO treadmill.



 Safe end-cap design

The end-cap of RT AERO PRO treadmill is
accordance the standards of EN957. It fully covers
the rolling and the running belt and prevents the
running belt from damage. Of course, this design
ensures the safety of all users.






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Motor 2.0HP / 5.0HPP Green Power motor
Speed 1- 20 km/h
Elevation 1-15%
Running surface 142 x 50 cm
Monitor Blue backlit Grid LCD design
Display Information distance/ time/ speed/ incline/ pulse/ calories/ programs
Instant speed keys 2/4/6/8/10/14/16 km/hr
Instant incline keys 2/4/6/8/10/12/15 %
Dimensions (L*W*H)
Not Folded 186 x 95 x 148 cm
Size Folded Vertically 125 x 95 x 156 cm
Size Folded Horizontally (none)
Weight 108 kg / 238 lbs
Pre-set Programs 12 pre-set profiles, 1 manual program

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