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finding time blog 1 How to find time? “I want to get into a regular fitness regimen but I don’t have time for it.” How often have we heard this excuse. If you are serious about it even if you don’t find time, you make time. It is precisely for such people that the concept of home gym was created. We can work out at our own pace, at our convenient time and very importantly in the privacy of our home. Not to mention travel time to crowded gyms and traffic jams. But the big question is how to make time and what is the ideal time to spend on your workouts? Time is priority driven. If we create priority we can create time. There is always time waiting to be grabbed. You can go to sleep 10 minutes late or get up 10 minutes early. You don’t have give up your routine at all. You can still have the same TV time or FB tim... Read more

First of its kind fitness center in India

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The Acme Experience center located at Vetuvankani ECR, is a one stop fitness solution provider for all your fitness requirement. The center is divided into two main areas, the fitness store and the fitness studio. The store offers international brands of fitness equipment and accessor...  Read more

Octane Zero Runner Launch

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Zero Impact Running at the GET ACTIVE EXPO,Mumbai2015 STANDARD CHARTERED MUMBAI MARATHON.....  Read more

Tips t

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Almost every person in the universe living in this decade wants to look good, live healthy with optimum fitness. The Gym equipments online availability helps you get in to fabulous shape without much loss or stress. This whole transformation has been introduced because of technologica...  Read more