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First of its kind fitness center in India

Posted By:   |  May 08, 2015

The Acme Experience center located at Vetuvankani ECR, is a one stop fitness solution provider for all your fitness requirement. The center is divided into two main areas, the fitness store and the fitness studio. The store offers international brands of fitness equipment and accessories. The unique feature about the store is the first of its kind ‘TEST TRAIN’ option where you can use various the fitness equipment and then make an informed purchase. You can use the fitness equipment for couple of session. A reputed fitness professional will assist you in the correct usage of the equipment, advising you on effective workouts with proper warm up and cool down methods. The store guides you to set up your home gym with cost and space effective equipment and accessories. The store has ain-house fitness consultant and equipment adviser. The problem often faced with home gym equipment is either under use or over use that leads to under usage again. To prevent this, the fitness consultant provides a step by step instruction to use the equipment effectively and how to stay injury free. They also assist the customer in picking up the right fitness equipment based on their age, medical condition and life style. They start with a quick fitness evaluation that includes posture, Flexibility, fat percentage,BMI, water content of the body and muscle mass using the latest TANITA IN BODY ANALYSER. This service is available for free for all customers at the store. After taking your basic inputs like the space availability and budget we recommend an ideal solution based on your requirement. We also have a trial facility on those equipment for three days, this really gives a touch and feel experience of the product. Most of the people who buy home fitness equipment will expect the commercial features what they had in their gyms, once you buy something online or without knowing this features they may get disappointed. To prevent this the TEST TRAIN Options is a excellent way, for example we might expect a longer running area in a treadmill, if we end up buying a small treadmill it is not going to servethe purpose. Sometimes wrong choice of fitness equipment leads to injury, if a over pronated footer (Low arch) uses a treadmill instead of elliptical trainer it might create serious joint issues in his knees and low back. We also have a cherry picked range of accessories that really work for you and we also provide accessories based fitness solution that is comparatively cheaper than fitness equipment.It’s doesn’t end by getting the right equipment, we need to stay motivated else whatever the feature you have in your machine it will just end up as a wardrobe. To prevent this, the second part of the store comes into play here.

The personalized fitness studio run by Chennai’s renowned fitness professional MR.HARIHARAN. He is a certified fitness trainer and he founded his own fitness academy called LIFEFIT ACADEMY FOR FITNESS PROFESSIONALS. Acme fitness has atie-up with LIFEFIT studio as a solution provider for their customers. Here, a complete tailor made home based exercise program is designed based on LIFEFIT TRAINING SYSTEM developed by Mr HARIHARAN, the specialty about these programs is the step by step instruction specially designed for beginners by understanding their problems, like inconsistency, poor pain baring capacity etc. The principles of LIFEFIT is ‘Unique Lives Unique Solutions’. The client undergoes a complete fitness and lifestyle assessment and a special posture assessment. They will be identified with their strengths and weaknesses, their tight and week muscle group based on this a corrective exercise plan and a goal oriented exercise plan is prescribed. The corrective exercise program ensures a sense of well being, rather starting with full intense program and end up with soreness that lead to drop outs. Once the client is comfortable with the corrective exercise program then slowly and gradually the intensity of the goal-oriented program is increased. A fully dedicated personal fitness manger will train and track the complete program over a period of engagement. In the course of three month time the client will have a complete understanding on how to do exercises the right way, which exercises will suit him/her and which are better for their life style. This is done along with a diet counseling and practical diet chart. The entire goal of the program is to make the client independent, to do his/her fitness activities regularly at home. They will also consult with us for changes or modifications in their programs.The experience center also provide ‘at home personal training’ support with certified fitness trainers. All to make fitness fun.

Guide for a Successful Treadmill Exercise Routine

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Following a successive treadmill exercise routine is very essential for those who are interested in reducing their weight and targeting on cardio vascular exercise routine. There are plenty of goal oriented exercise machines available in the market that promises excellent energy levels and awesome power that stays for lengthier session. After decades in use, the treadmill available today is innovative and equipped with some amazing features and fascinating advancements. There are diverse inclines and speeds included in the workout of treadmill.

Fitness authorities however advices fresher to start the exercise routine with slow speed. Newbie who require a great treadmill program should initially begin with slow walking at standard speed and then gradually escalating to brisk walking. Better to consult with your physician regarding your health condition to check if your heart condition is stabilized enough for those unusual workouts. Remember, cardio vascular exercise should be monitored by physicians or experts in order to observe if your heart condition is good even after the treadmill exercise.

Once you start performing exercise program regularly on the treadmill at quicker speed then your heart begins to pump harder. If this is done without proper guidance and in an improper manner, then it might lead to other health related complications. Gradually increasing the workout speed in the treadmill will help in maintaining the safety of those suffering from respiratory and circulatory complications.

In today’ technological world of innovations the manufacturers understands the needs of the users and has designed high end treadmill equipments that are able to introduce incline while the particular individual is exercising. The incline is excellent feature present in a treadmill, which helps in creating wonders to lot of body muscles. This is not possible even if you are going jog in a plane straight surface. By adjusting the incline position the treadmill exercise will influence the different muscles in the back, legs and buttocks as well.

Jogging on the machine in an inclined position would be harder. But when you combine inclines and speeds in proper proposition, then you can do wonders to your fitness. If you are a newbie, please start at slow speed while walking or jogging on inclined plane in order to prevent accidents from happening.

The treadmill exercise routine can be adjusted in a way that you try working out at different speed limit and diverse incline position. The walking machines are preset in a way to offer marvelous exercise routine. There are completely innovative types of treadmill that automatically changes incline and speed according to preset features.

Though there are various workout programs available in the fitness world, let us analyze the 45 minute treadmill exercise program which is interesting and burns calories as well at fantastic pace. Keep changing the routine program for every two to three weeks. In this way you can keep your body fit in a flexible manner. Perfectly blend incline and speed works wonders in a challenging manner.

The 45 minutes treadmill exercise program
A. 1-5 minutes
First thing is to warm up with incline positioned at 1% extensively. Choose an easy and simple running or walking speed, but at the same time fast pace enough to keep you warm. Perfect speed limit would be 3.2 miles in one hour.

B. 5-10 minutes
Next step is to keep warming up more after changing the incline position to 2 percentages and the speed can be set to 5 miles per hour.

C. 10-11 minutes
Next thing is to adjust the speed level for at least one minute. Try to run at that speed if you had never walked before.
D. 11-12 minutes
Now reduce the speed for just one minute and this is just temporary and not rest. Keep the treadmill exercise moderate for one minute.

E. 12-13 minutes
Once again return to the high speed previously set.

F. 13-14 minutes
Decrease the speed

G. 14-15 minutes
Once again increase the speed

H. 15-16 minutes
The speed should be reduced until the treadmill is operating at slower pace.

I. 16 – 17 minutes
Step down from the treadmill and start lifting weights by balancing one on each hand respectively. Try to do least 20 repetitions per minute.

J. 17-18 minutes
Now once again step in to the treadmill and start jogging or walking at easy speed with 1 percentage incline.

K. 18 – 24 minutes
Repeat the treadmill exercise program as said above at one minute interval.

L. 24 -25 minutes
Perform squats using your hand weight

M. 25- – 26 minutes
Next step back on the treadmill
From 26 to 30 minutes try performing double sets at two minutes interval. Alter the speed limit and incline to challenging pace for just one minute but then return back to the slower pace.

N. 30 – 31 minutes
Perform with hand weight, the Squats for one minute. Try to increase your repetitions.

O. 31 – 32 minutes
Recover back for one minute the treadmill exercise

P. 32 – 35 minutes
Increase the speed at a challenging pace and keep walking for three minutes.

Q. 35 – 36 minutes
The incline should be increased to 8 percentages and start walking at 4 miles per hour

R. 36 – 37 minutes
Squats for one minute

S. 37 – 38 minutes
Without changing the speed the inline is reduced to 6 percentages

T. 38 – 39 minutes
Squats for one minute

U. 39 – 40 minutes
Adjust the incline to 4 percentages.

V. 40 – 41 minutes
Squats with hand weights for one minute for the last time

W. 41 – 42 minutes
Adjust the incline to 2 percentages but never alter the speed

X. 42 – 45 minutes
The incline should be adjusted to 1 percentage before stepping down from treadmill.

The treadmill exercise routine should be followed for two weeks and experience wonderful results.

Amazing Wonders of Manual Treadmill

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Manual Treadmill is considered as an ultimate tool for people who are desperately seeking options for becoming fit and healthy. These treadmills are considered as the best choice if you want to reap huge benefits with your little money and space. Installation of treadmills in your gym will completely transform the efficiency of your exercise routine.
Special Features of Manual Treadmill

1. Easy operating facilities
A manually operated treadmill does not have any electric motor and plug in but still helps in providing optimum fitness results. You can easily walk on the rubberized surface in the treadmill and there are handles to support your movement through the entire workout. Once you step on the walking space of manual treadmill the belt starts moving and the machine starts running effectively according to your effort. The flywheel designed within the interior of the machine helps the gears to operate smoothly. It is simple to control the intensity of the exercises and stop if necessary.

2. Less space required
The regular treadmills operated with electricity power takes up more space in your home and are difficult to put away after the exercising is completed. Electric treadmill requires wide large belt for accommodating these equipment and therefore occupies major portion of your small home or gym room. The manual treadmill on the other hand occupies less portion of your home gym and there are varieties of models that can be easily folded in to half the size and hidden in a closet or under your bed, once the workout session is completed.

3. Budget friendly
As we all know the fact that electronically working professional treadmill models are very expensive and might not be affordable by common people. But the manual treadmill costs less and can be easily bought by any person thirsting for ultimate fitness. You can enjoy the benefits of costly treadmills with these manual machineries.

4. Easy to use
Are you a fresher in the world of exercises? Then relax and enjoy the peaceful smooth walking routine with these manual treadmills. One important factor that makes it the perfect choice is its awesome mechanism that allows the belt to be intact and never pushes you off even if you trip or miss a step. The manufacturers have built efficiently working manual treadmills that are well equipped like the expensive electric models, with heart pulse rate monitor along with technological ability to calculate the calories burnt and the distance travelled by you in the each session. Since it does not depend on electricity for its operation, you can easily workout even during power breakdowns. They never make any noise while you do vigorous walking and provide a pleasant experience of workout. Manual treadmills are ideal choice for your outdoor garden gym.

5. Safe and perfect option
Manual treadmill helps in generating strong leg muscles, glutes and excellent healthy body. It is the perfect option for beginners before they launch in to electrically operated treadmill. This machine will allow the person walking over it to take control of the speed of the belt. This factor makes it important since it is therefore safer than motorized treadmills. There are less chances of getting hurt due to accidents while exercising in the machine. According to recent studies it has been revealed that young children usually are attracted to touch the belts while it is moving at a regular speed in an electronic treadmill, which might end up in causing burns.
How to work out effectively and comfortably with manual treadmill?

Before you start running on the treadmill select the perfect clothing such as casual long pants or shorts, since these offer maximum comfort to the person running. The feet of the person using the treadmill is given so much pressure and stress that it is very important that you safeguard them with good branded running shoes.

Another important thing is to create some interesting distractions like listening to nice music with a headset or set the time in a way that it collides with your favorite TV program, so you can enjoy it while running over the Manual treadmill.

Next thing is to concentrate on the incline setting. Follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer, since the manual treadmills depend on the user’s weight and various other factors. It has to be properly set so that the treadmill manages the stress in a safe manner. Slowly start pushing your legs backwards and forward in perfect rhythm.

The interaction between the flywheel energy system and the user’s movement results in consistent resistance. You should gradually increase or decrease the speeds while accelerating or stopping the machine. Avoid inclining over the handle while using the manual treadmill because it reduces the benefits of the machinery and exercise. It’s always recommended to maintain proper body postures during exercise.

Unleash the Secrets to stay Fit and Healthy

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In today’s fast moving busy world, people are constantly searching for the best option to remain fit and healthy. One thing that most of the people are concerned about is the fat accumulated in their belly. They start consuming diet pills or skip dinner and implement more unhealthy methods for reducing the belly fat instantly. It is very important that you change this idea about shedding belly fat quickly, because it might lead to certain complications and cause some side effects eventually. In this article let us discuss about few essential things that you should follow in order to attain a flat belly, without any side effects or complications. Let us analyze few tips for attaining proper lifestyle and appropriate weight reduction.

Go to bed early at night
Many people today are night birds and therefore stay up all through the dark nights, which are considered as a very bad habit. You should know that staying up late at night can cause various health related issues. The human body is designed to sleep soon at night and wake up early. But if you are changing the normal bio happenings, then it will end up in triggering more hunger in your body. Therefore you will start eating more food stuffs. This is because of the fact that sleeping late will make your body tissues to become tired and at that time your body starts secreting Ghrelin that produces a sugar craving. Insulin level in your body gets fluctuated, which is very dangerous sign for proper functioning of the body organs. So start making it a regular habit to wake early and sleep early every day.

Say “NO” to junk, oily and sugary food stuffs
First enemy for your health are the foods that you choose to eat. You can easily shed those unwanted fats accumulation by staying away from consuming oily, sugary and junk food stuffs eventually. if you have a craving to eat some crunchy spicy snacks opt for fresh natural nuts or fruits and vegetable, which are safer and healthier counterparts. Select those foods that are enriched with proteins. Thus stop eating health hazardous foods and start eating healthy options every day.

Never skip a breakfast

You can maintain the level of insulin in your body if you eat breakfast soon after you wake up in the morning. This will also help in reducing the unhealthy LDL bad cholesterol level considerably. Make it a point to eat your breakfast at proper timings and at the same time, every day. The breakfast should contain foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, especially those with rich fiber and protein. It will be easily digested and provides enough energy for the day.

Eat plenty of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a wonder product that is very beneficial for reducing the belly fat. Initially it enables carnite production that helps in breaking down the fats in the body and converts them in to necessary energy fuel. Another benefit of consuming Vitamin C is that it controls the secretion of a hormone known as This hormone is generated during stress period of time, which produces numerous ill effects to the functioning of the body organs. Vitamin C is an excellent ingredient that will control the negative effects of coritsol and safeguards the body cells in a perfect manner.

Follow a regular exercise regime

One of the strict rules that you should follow if you want to lose weight, stay healthy and fit is to start doing physical activities regularly. Exercising helps in burning those unwanted calories that will enable reduction of the unhealthy body fat accumulation. Try to perform any type of physical activity such as walking or running or jogging or yoga or aerobics or join a gym etc. You can also seek the guidance of a personal trainer for concentrating on the selected muscles and fats.

Eat a healthy well balanced diet

Eating a well balanced diet is very important aspect for staying fit and healthy. The food market is flooded with both unhealthy tuffs and healthy fresh foods. Choose wisely those foods that will help you gain weight healthy and protect your body from any diseases. gym accessories Here are listed few fantastic power packed food stuffs that can be eaten as a delicious dish for best results.

• Salmon is a healthy food that is rich in amino acids and proteins, which makes it the perfect choice for increasing your health and protecting your organs from the cancerous risk.

• Beans and similar legumes is nature’s magical ingredient that is enriched with supreme quality carbohydrates, fiber, iron and proteins. This food stuff helps in preventing blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, coronary artery diseases etc.

• Almonds are considered as the perfect food for promoting a healthy fit heart, preventing accumulation of bad cholesterol and protecting your organs against Alzheimer and diabetes.

Thus by living a proper lifestyle, doing regular exercises and by eating healthy nutrients you can easily attain fabulous health and stay fit forever! Good luck!