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Underlying Causes and Effective Cure for Obesity Problems

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According to recent studies it has been found that the millions of people across the globe are struggling to live fit and health, because of obesity or over weight problem. If you are wondering what could be the best method available to cure obesity and remain healthy, then it is essential that you understand the root cause for obesity and remove it from your life firs to treat them efficiently.

What are the causes of obesity?

Obesity occurs in people who eat more calories than they could ever burn. Usually obesity is considered to be influence generated on the weight of a person’ body by hormones and genetic factors. When you are unable to burn those extra calories through everyday routine activities or exercises then it causes obesity. If you understand the underlying cause for obesity it would be easy to treat and cure them easily.

1.Idle mind and body
If you are not active enough then it is likely that you will not be able to burn any calories. In today’s world of comfort, sedentary, inactive lifestyle, easily the unused calories get accumulated as fats in the parts of your body. Therefore a person who does not perform any kind of exercises or body activities will suffer from obesity.

2.Eating unbalanced and unhealthy foods
When you consume foods rich in calories, fast foods that are oily, sugary and spicy, skipping the breakfast but eating plenty of calories during evening meals, then you sure is in great obesity trouble. When you eat over sized food portions or drink carbonated sugary beverages, they all contribute for obesity.

3.Post Pregnancy cause women to become obese
Once woman become pregnant she starts eating all healthy diet; which enriches her baby with essential nutrients required for its growth and also makes the lady gain more weight. However she finds it real hard to shed those extra calories gained during pregnancy even after her precious baby is born. Therefore weight gained during the pregnancy time can also be the cause of obesity in ladies.

4. Obesity caused due to sleepless nights and days

An average person should sleep for minimum eight hours every day. In case a person is deprived of his sleeping hours then it may also cause obesity. The changes in hormone levels while you are awake can make you feel hungrier. You might start craving for some delicacies rich in carbohydrates and calories, which will naturally allow you to gain weight.

5. Certain types of Medications can lead to obesity

In case you are consuming certain medicines that results in weight gain and you have not implemented any exercising for remedy, then it might end up in obesity. Certain medications such as the anti-seizure medicines, anti depressants, diabetes medicines, steroids, anti psychotic medicines and beta blockers etc can cause obesity extensively.

6. Health problems

Health issues in a person can also be the reason for obesity in a person. Certain type on medical problems such as the poly cystic ovary syndrome, crushing syndrome, prader- willi syndrome and other related diseases and health conditions can cause obesity. In some cases people with arthritis might perform low activity level, which leads to obesity. Other health related problems causing weight gain are low thyroid and low metabolism.
Treatments for obesity

Basically you should seek the guidance of a professional care taker, in order to shed unwanted calories and become fit once again. They will check your body fat and suggest certain treatment options like-

• What kind of diets is effective for treating obesity?

• How much percentages of exercises are important for shedding extra calories?

• In case there is a need for further treatments or testing required, then it will be advised by the professionals.

• If the doctors discover any underlying obesity problems such as thyroid problem, poly cystic ovary syndrome etc. then they will start treating it first by giving medications. This will automatically reduce your weight considerably.

• Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, bread, beans, eggs and meat.

• Avoid eating foods that are salty, sugary, spicy and oily.

• Avoiding calorie rich foods will only help in stopping weight gain but if you want to shed those calories then it is essential that you follow a healthy exercise routine.

• The medicine industry is flooded with thousands of medications for treating obesity. Your doctor might subscribe for some anti obesity medicines for effective results.

• Severe cases of obesity is treated it with weigh loss or bariatric surgery. In this method unwanted fatty tissues accumulated in certain areas such as stomach or thighs etc are removed through surgery.

By carefully following a regular exercise routine and consuming healthy balanced diet, you will be able to free yourself from the struggles of obesity and live a perfect healthy lifestyle.

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