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How to choose a Fitness Equipment

Posted By:   |  Feb 15, 2014

 BH Atlantic Program
The BH Atlantic Program is an amazing elliptical bike that blends the efficiency of treadmills, rowing machine and other fitness equipment. It is designed to emulate the benefits of running, walking or climbing without hurting your bones since it reduces emission of pressure to the joints. The BH Fitness Atlantic is best to practice various programs with adjustable swing bars and four positions that can be customized by the user. This equipment can be used regularly by fresher and fitness freak as well. The magnetic brake system ensures smooth and continuous motion, through wide ranges of tensions. You can strengthen your heart muscles by adjusting the Heart Rate Control Programs to control the intensity within the pulse limits chosen. The wheels attached to the BH Atlantic Program assist you in moving to your preferred spot within your home.

How to choose a Fitness Equipment

Posted By:   |  Feb 13, 2014

‘Health is wealth’ – is the golden rule to be followed for attaining a fabulous life. In recent days people have realized the joy of staying fit and healthy, and therefore striving hard to attain it. Apart from eating balanced diet and leading stress free lifestyle; regular physical activities is also considered very important and emphasized by most of the physicians.

There are many local gyms with attractive fitness equipment and professional trainers, widespread across every country and state, but these exercise spots are very much expensive without any personal care. You can save money by investing on fitness equipment and creating your own home gym at less expensive rates.

The fitness market is flooded with numerous supreme quality health related activity equipment, which can be easily bought through the virtual platforms or from nearby traditional stores. But before placing your order, find time to analyze certain basic criteria for optimum results.

Every individual has different choice of routines and habits. And it is essential that we squeeze in within our busy schedule a segmented time for regular work out. Fitness equipment can help you in getting into good shape and stay healthy. There are wide ranges of fitness equipment manufactured for the customers’ satisfaction and benefits. But you need to pick the  best fitness gear  that is properly aligned with excellent quality standards from a genuine dealer such as Acme Fitness Equipment. Another factor you need to consider while buying fitness tool is, to pick vibrant colored equipment that generate more mental strength and energizes your spirit.

There are treadmills Elliptical Bikes, Exercise Cycles and  Home Gyms  available at different designs and prices. Let us analyze few of the fitness equipment’s available in the market before deciding the best that is suitable for your fitness regime.


Stay fresh and active after grueling workouts

Posted By:   |  Jul 15, 2013

Blog 2 Stay fresh and active after grueling workouts


Feeling good after the day’s workout? Then here are a few post workout activities to make you feel better. Exercise alone isn’t just enough. Sometimes intensive workout can leave you feeling tired for the rest of the day. For optimum results, follow these activities after your daily workout session.

Stretch: Only consistency can let you achieve your fitness goals. But many a times it is disrupted. The reason – Muscle soreness. Have you ever given it a thought why it happens? Well every time you start a new exercise regime or try out a new exercise or have an intense workout, your muscle gets microscopic damages that result in soreness. The best way to avoid soreness is through stretching. It prevents the muscles from shrinking by increasing the circulation of body fluids throughout your body in an efficient manner and giving flexibility.

Hydrate: Human beings require at least 8 glasses of water for the normal functioning of the body- well it’s a known fact. But when you exercise or do any sort of physical activity your body would need more than this. Majority of us underestimate our fluid requirements leaving us sapped for the rest of the day. No matter how intense or moderate your workout is, remember to drink as much water. This not only prevents dehydration but also prevents muscle cramps. Intake of water post workout helps to supply the essential nutrients to the cells and transport oxygen throughout the body in an efficient manner. While doing so, you also replace the body fluids that you have lost during your workout in the form of sweat.

Cool Down: A quick shower after your intense workout can help your tensed muscles relax. Taking a shower lowers your body temperature, which usually becomes high during a workout. Try taking a shower alternating between hot and cold water. This would enhance your blood circulation as it initiates the blood vessels to constrict and dilate repeatedly. Thus, repairing the damaged tissue at a faster rate.

Refuel: Food is yet another crucial fuel that your body needs after every workout, to perform its best. It helps you achieve the healthiest body, as it rebuilds the worn-out tissues. But that doesn’t mean that you ravenously eat anything and everything in sight. Take the right and healthy food especially those rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Eating within 30 minutes or 2 hours of your workout will give you the maximum result.

Rest: Probably the best part of the workout session. After an intense workout your body deserves good rest. So next time, before heading to your busy life after your workout make sure you spare some time for these post workout activities to leave you feeling positive and energetic for the rest of the day and make the maximum of your workout.

And remember the best way to a healthy life is to do exercise. And not overdo!

The Magic Of Low Impact Workout

Posted By:   |  May 30, 2012

low impact workout The Magic Of Low Impact Workout

Generally, fitness consciousness comes after your body starts to give you early warnings, like creaking joints, a nagging back ache or when your toes become increasingly invisible when you stand due to your expanding belly.

Or it usually accompanies your annual health checkup report.

You get all inspired, get yourself enrolled at a gym or buy the equipments to build one at home and you begin with utmost enthusiasm and dedication. The endorphins flow. The session ends and you feel even better than you did when you started.

The trouble however starts after a few hours, when your limbs begin to hurt. It’s not just due to lack of proper warming that most beginners suffer from such “after-effects”. After a prolonged period of sedentary lifestyle, it is difficult for the body to cope with anything strenuous.

No matter how raring you are to go, for atleast the first few weeks of the exercise routine, it is better to opt for low-impact training. The difference isn’t much. If an hour long session of high-impact workout burns about 480 calories, low-impact workout takes up about 350 calories.

Here are the advantages of a low-impact workout

  • It strains the body less and you have energy to pursue other activities during the rest of the day.
  • You are able to breathe better during your workout session.
  • There won’t be that many aches and sore joints and therefore, chances of sticking to your exercise resolutions are higher.
  • Low impact workout tend to build lean muscles
  • It burns fat without putting excessive stress on your heart.
  • Since there is no abrupt loss of weight, you won’t have to worry about loose skins.
  • Your body begins to gain a uniform tone.

Ideal candidates for low-impact exercise

  • Beginners
  • Those interested in building lean muscles
  • To increase flexibility
  • Pregnant women
  • Those with problems like chronic joint aches, arthritis, osteoporosis and recovering from fractures.

If going on long walks is not exactly your kind of low-impact exercise routine, then you could always try combining treadmill walking with cycling, milder versions of step aerobics and some weight training.

If you are really in adventurous mood, you could try adding dancing to the workout.

Equipments that you are likely to need:

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