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Outdoor Workouts A Wonderful Fitness Option to stay healthy

Posted By:   |  Jul 10, 2014

People of this generation are finding it really difficult to regularly follow a successful exercise routine, because of various distractions and obstacles. There are diverse ranges of exercises available for those who want to work out every day as a healthy routine such as, going to the gym, jogging, walking, yoga, weight lifting and more. There is another more effective option available in the fitness world, if you want to enjoy the workouts in a more relaxed and comfortable manner. This method is to create your own outdoor exercise gym.

Exercising in the outdoors where you can inhale fresh air and enjoy the scenic ambience will naturally bring soothing memories to your heart and soul. Your mind will feel relaxed and motivated to achieve the targeted health benefits. There are few medical professionals who are making use of outdoor workouts as part of their treatment for patients struggling with mental illness, since the practitioners have understood the glorious importance of lively outdoors.
Types of outdoor exercises

The outdoor workouts have wide ranges of varieties, specially designed for improving the proper functioning of the heart. These exercises involve certain motions that are repeated at a perfect rhythm to stabilize and maximize the heart condition.

Other options available are hiking, biking, rowing, jogging and walking etc. You can also try doing some muscle strengthening exercises with the use of certain fitness equipment that can be easily built in your own colorful backyard garden.

What is the best exercise regime to be followed?
The full fledged workout session should be planned in a perfect way that every exercise is targeted to strengthen your, arms, legs, hips, back, chest, core and abdominal and every part of the body organs within as well. It needs to be in a balanced way to properly increase your health and fitness without hindering the joy. Working out in the outdoors will offer fun and comfort to the mind and heart. There are thousands of options available for outdoor strengthening routine exercise sessions, from which you can pick your choice to your heart’ desire. Let us discuss few efficient fitness routine that can be included in your routine.

1. Body weight training
Utilizing the weight of your body as resistance is described as body weight training session. The body weight training exercises require certain types of fitness equipment for strengthening your body. In case you find the exercises as challenging and difficult then you can try modifying and customizing them to cater your needs extensively. Since few body weight training equipment are much advanced for basic trainers it is better to blend them with proper balancing. Certain exercises equipment that will allow you to be fit and healthy-

• Squats
• Pushups
• Pull ups
• Lunges
• Plank holds
• Chin ups

2. Suspension trainers

Suspension trainers are systems of webbing and ropes that are designed in a way to offer better gravity in a leverage way. This option will allow you to work efficiently in diverse planes against your own body weight. The suspension trainers are lightweight and compact, so that they can be easily carried outdoors without much effort and the ropes can be anchored firmly to any sturdy and strong fence or tree or post in order to support your whole body weight all through the workout sessions.

In case you are a beginner in exercising you can modify the body weight exercise routine with the help of these suspension trainers. For example with these trainers you have the option to assist with the adjustment of squats exclusively. If you are in the intermediate level then you can opt for those highly challenging workouts that are designed to provide optimum strength to the muscles and body. Few suspension training exercises that are popular and
effective are-

• Assisted squats
• Inverted rows
• Suspended mountain climbers
• Atomic pushups

3. Resistant bands

One of the perfect options for creating an outdoor exercising gym is the resistant bands which comprises of rubber cables designed at light weight. These bands can be easily fixed to any sturdy fixture such as a fence post or tree extensively. with the help of these resistant bands you will be able to perform any types of exercises without anchoring any cable machine. Stronger version of these bands allows you to perform more challenging exercises with little effort and great comfort. Following are few exercises that can be performed excellently with the help of resistance bands-

• Pallof presses
• Cable chest presses
• Wood choppers
• Standing cable rows

Outdoor workouts will open a new fresh horizon to your fitness world, in a way that you can journey towards the achievement of your health target by following a proper exercise regime. The fresh outdoors will improve your mental and physical condition. Therefore with little effort and portable fitness equipment, you can easily build better endurance and wonderful strength without stress. Good luck!

How to Become Strong and Beautiful with Proper Workout Routine?

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So have you decided to boost your exercise regime with a fresh new outlook? Cheers for the good start! Secret of a successful exercising is the art of picking the perfect level of body and mind intensity. In case you have been a lazy person for the past four to five years, then it is essential that you never kick-start a hard workout procedure immediately without any proper guidance.

1. Never exert yourself at starting point
Remember my friend that your body has been never put to any kind of exertion or heavy work-out before and therefore do not make any sudden changes, because it might not be safe. You might not have walked least two blocks from your home in the past five months and so when you start rough and speedy at the starting it will surely cause certain injuries since your body does not have enough flexibility and strength eventually. Added to this agony your brain is also going to be hurt and exhausted because of these changes. This will make you feel depressed and so you quit back to the point where you started – in the couch. Maybe this time the hurt in the ankle or leg etc. due to too much exertion is the reason.

2. Slow and steady exercising helps you achieve good health
Even health specialists recommends only Thirty minutes of moderate exercises. Some examples of mild moderate gym exercises are body weight exercise , stretching, and walking, jogging and other form of moderate exercises. You can seek the advice a personal trainer in the initial stages. Once you become well versed in these basic mild exercises you become mentally and emotionally ready for more vigorous exercise routine. Even if you are already doing certain basic exercises, still it is wiser to start with gentle slow exercise routine. Set a target that you would want to achieve within a limited period of time, which will motivate your spirit and soul.

Few questions to ask before starting a healthy fitness exercise routine
a) Do you remember the last time you commenced an exercise regime?
b) In case you have stopped the routine then why did you?
c) Do you enjoy the workout exercises or is it a tiresome chore for you to perform?

Remember my dear friend that exercise is not a miraculous magic word for erasing all those negative impact created by those cheesy burgers and oily French fries that you consumed for lunch or dinner. Always try to avoid eating unhealthy foodstuffs such as oily, sugary and spicy foods if you want to experience full benefit from your routine exercise regime. Blending your exercising fun along with a balanced healthy diet will boost your immunity, destroy those unwanted calories and make you feel fit and strong.

Always have a balanced approach towards your regular exercise routine. Leading a healthy lifestyle by abstaining yourself from alcohol or smoking or drugs etc. is an additional benefit that you would be gaining through exercise routine.

It is very important that you lose weight in a healthy manner and your face should glow with increased blood circulation. Your muscles will be strengthened and bones will become stretchable if you follow a proper exercise routine and eat healthy diet.

Tips for successful exercise regime
Today world has changed incredibly and people taste ultimate comfort since they are able to get what they want with just a click in the mouse. But health and fitness can never be obtained by any short cut methods. The exercise fitness world is flooded with loads of machineries, plenty of gym, personal trainers, and health supplements and more, that promises optimum results in fitness. Maybe you are confused which one to choose, here are some secret tips for a beneficial workout routine.

i. First thing that you need to concentrate is a determination in your heart, mind and soul that you are going to do the exercises, no matter what happens. Never terminate the exercise routine just because you are tired or sad or happy or partying etc. Once decided to work out, be dedicated and devote yourself to perform to the maximum core for fantastic results.

ii. Fix a regular timing during which you can start working out at regular basis and also schedule the particular days in a week when you would be doing exercises. Get up early and do some exercises in the early morning hours which are considered as the perfect time for workout. Little sacrifice is a must if you have decided to devote some time for your health exclusively. Set fitness goals and strive hard to achieve them with excellence.

iii. Getting in shape is a gorgeous thing to do but choose the exercises that well suits your body structure, strengthens the bones, sheds extra calories and toughens those muscles. You can seek the advice from a professional physical trainer for perfect fitness triumph results. Good luck!

Ankle weights

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Ankle weights

Ankle weights are considered as the one of the best fitness accessories designed for toning and strengthening the muscles. With the help of ankle weights you can lose weight; improve heart health condition and rehabilitating injuries. There are wide ranges of ankle weights are available for enhancing the power of exercising. If you are a beginner, you can seek the help of personal trainer or physician for determining the type of heaviness suitable for your ankle weight while purchasing for the regular work out sessions.

Basic reason for people finding it hard to stay motivated to achieve their fitness goals is because they do not have effective fitness accessories to support their venture. The fitness market is flooded with long list of fascinating accessories that pulls you in to exercising mood eventually. These excellent exercise enhancers can be bought at affordable price through several virtual web platforms. But before placing your order it is important that you check the necessity of the accessories and see if that particular item is best investment for your health regime.

Ab Roller

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Ab Roller

The Ab Roller is one of the best equipment that is used exclusively for stomach exercise machines. These Ab Rollers are available in various forms and diverse brands. It is basically designed in circular shape with pads to support delicate bones and muscles of head and neck. One needs to just place the head on the Ab Roller pad and perform stomach crunches easily. Basic advantage of this accessory is that it keeps your neck in correct position on the head rest while doing crunches. If you are struggling with some neck problems then doing crunches with Ab Roller is a best work out for excellent results at less expensive rates.