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Appraisal Time! Stay Fit to Stay Ahead

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Appraisal Time! Stay Fit to Stay Ahead

It is that time of the year again for corporate India. No it is not Diwali or Christmas but it is the annual appraisal season. This is not a season to exchange gifts or messages of goodwill; but a time to evaluate and review your annual performance and costs to the company. When you open appraisal mails or listen to talks around the work place on the subject, the anxiety is palpable and lasts until review meetings are done

Stay Fit is the Mantra to keep away Appraisal Anxiety
Studies say that many employees experience anxiety a month before their annual appraisals and find it difficult to concentrate on their work. The best way to overcome appraisal related anxiety is to stay calm, stay ahead and stay fit. It is time to show your managers how fit and active you’re in your daily work. Exercise is considered as the vital element to maintaining both physical and mental health.

YogaYoga is the best form of exercise for people who experience anxiety. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly experience reduced anxiety, stress, and enjoyed improved concentration which is most important during appraisal period.

Just like walking, biking can incredibly help your health. Bicycling is the most efficient calorie burning exercise out there. Bicycling allows you to build up your muscle mass, and burn more calories a day, if you include the post cycling calorie burn. Bicycling reduces the incidence of heart diseases and helps maintain blood pressure. For people who work all day at a desk job, cycling is the best exerciser to stay fit.

Stand up and Stretch
Sitting down all day at your desk not only adds weight, but also leads to bad posture. Make a concentrated effort to stand up from your desk and walk around the office to chat with your colleagues to keep yourself relaxed from the stress you face at work. Wear active trackers like Fitbit and set yourself a goal to walk at least 10000 steps daily. After a day hunched over your desk a five minutes stretch at end of the work day will help you release the stress of the day.

Why Running Machine is Ultimate Gateway to attain your Fitness Goal

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Running machine is a traditional marvel that has been supporting fitness freaks to attain their targets for decades, from the year 1800 until now. It has gone through various evolutionary changes in the form of different sizes and types exclusively. One important sector where these extraordinary gym equipment’s are used is in the physical fitness area. Though you are a beginner or an athlete or an obese person with a target to shed those extra calories then running machine could be the best option.

Complete Guide for a successful exercise regime

Things to consider before starting a regular exercise routine in your running machine-

1. Discuss with your doctor or personal fitness trainer regarding your health condition. They can determine the best suited fitness program according to the ultimate heart rate that you can reach. Clear the doubts if you are healthy enough to perform various fitness exercises programs without any risk factors.

2. The fitness world is flooded with diverse ranges of exercise programs from which you can pick the perfect choice that well suit your body. There are obesity control exercise routines, endurance enhancing programs and aerobic workout routines exclusively. Choose the best option that compliments and supports your mission.

3. Stretching is an important factor to be implemented before stepping on your running machine Try to set goals towards your legs, back and hamstrings. Following are the two different varieties of stretches that are highly beneficial.

• Stand with your back straight, shoulder stretched and feet apart. Gently start bending towards the ground at the waist and try touching the floor with your palms. Stay in that stretched position for five deep breaths and then you can repeat it once again. This is best exercise for stretching your hamstrings and back.

• Sit on the ground and stretch your feet in front position. Try touching the toes by bending. Once you touch your toes start inhaling and exhaling five to six times. Then stop and repeat the exercises twice.
It is essential that you perform these stretching exercises before starting your workout routine in the running machine.

4. Next thing you need to do is to check the settings of the equipment and adjust the speed at best brisk space. According to experts the best speed option is that point when you are breathing little heavily but still able to talk and converse freely without interruption. This speed condition varies for each person and therefore it is essential that you take a personal test before start working out in the walking machine. Keep adjusting the speed until you reach the best speed rate that suits your health condition. Keep note of this speed rate in order to set the machine to that particular rate during next session.

5. Monitoring the heart rate is one of the most important things to do before venturing in to your regular exercise routine. The targeted heart pulse rate is up to 70 percentages, according to the global doctors’ prescriptions. In recent times however most of the running machine comprises of monitors that can be seen within approachable distance of your hands during your exercising process. Hold on to these monitors in order to calculate your pulse rate. Maintain the speed limit once you reach the targeted heart rate limit.

6. Keep walking or jogging or running regularly for maximum one hour every day, in order to maintain a stabilized healthy heart rate.

7. If you want to shed those extra calories then walk for up to 10 minutes at a comfortable slow pace. This period of time will help in reducing the temperature of your body.
Tips to purchase the ultimate running machine

Now you can enjoy the benefits of convenient running within the comfort zone of your home. The running machine assists those who are too busy for visiting a gym or for them who hate to run in extreme climatic conditions such as heat, cold or rain extensively. The presence of running equipment within your living area will cause a positive vibration and encourage you to workout at a regular routine.

Therefore you can experience visible fitness and healthy outcome within few days of your exercising. The market of fitness equipment is flooded with different types of running machine and choose the one that well suit your desire and budget as well. Sort out those equipment’s available within your targeted price rate and start comparing between retailers for best deal.

Next important thing to concentrate before placing your order is the special features of the running machine Pick the one that are designed in an attractive way to encourage you for a regular workout. Read the reviews through online portals or other customer friends for understanding its performance and real success stories. Based on the research you did pick the correct machine and reap optimum fitness benefits! Good luck!

Fitness Components to Achieve Optimum Health

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We are living in an easy to grab lifestyle, where everything you desire to have is offered to you instantly at less healthy version. People are therefore constantly searching for easy methods to shed those extra pounds and burn unwanted calories. This is the reason for the increasing popularity for exercising equipment workout video series and fad diets etc. The internet and real world are flooded with various advertisements for these products with diverse promises such as tight buns and fabulous abs.

Basic fitness components and steps to achieve maximum health
Remember my friend that these can never give you real fitness. Before venturing for perfect fitness options in the world, it is very important that you understand the real depth and meaning of fitness. Basically there are four components available for fitness which are considered as chief ingredient for a successive fitness regime.-

• Muscular strength and endurance
• Cardiovascular strength and endurance
• Body composition
• Flexibility

Here are listed the real meaning and functionality of these components for those with inner passion to achieve better health and fitness in your lives.

1.Muscular strength and endurance
If you are wondering what the term muscular strength really means, it is a person’s ability to do a single repetition with optimum resistance. And a person’s ability and strength to perform plenty of repetitions with perfect resistance eventually. It is essential that you balance between the endurance and strength in proper manner, in order to achieve maximum strength in a well balanced manner. Only with a beneficial strength production one can be implement the goodness of fitness in his or her real life as well.

2.Cardiovascular strength and endurance
The cardiovascular strength defines the interaction or cooperation between the circulatory system, the lungs and the heart for producing a combined blended effect which is greater than its separate performances. Perfect fitness programs should support the ability of the lungs to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen through the blood circulation. It will increase the body’s ability to transport purified blood along with other nutrients for proper functioning of the active cell tissues.

3.Body composition

Body composition is the perfect ratio between body fat and lean tissue. This factor is mostly considered as the best method to judge the fitness of a person. Remember that even if you are having a six pack body that never affirms that you are hale, healthy and fit. The ratio between fat-lean varies in every person according to his or her age, sex and other factors etc. But it is essential that a person has the minimum percentage of body fat in order to possess a well balanced health. The minimum limit can be considered as 12 percentages in females and 5 percentages in males. The average healthy body fat content percentages that any woman possess is up to 25 percentage in a female and up to 18 percentage in males. Therefore be sensible enough to maintain good average ratio for maximum health and fitness.

Every joint in the bones of a human should move freely without any disturbances or pain, in all the directions. A person must be able to move at normal motion range in a complete circulation exclusively. Basic factors that contribute for the normal flexibility of bones and muscles are the elasticity of the muscle tissues along with the muscle strength from the opposing groups. Therefore stretching and bending without any complications is very important for ultimate functioning of the body.

How to maintain good health and fitness components?
Every person’s target should be to achieve maximum fitness. Only a body with proper maintenance of body fitness can stay healthy in a perfect manner. There are various options available for attaining maximum health. You can browse through the available options and choose carefully the best program that well suits your targeted fitness. Here are listed few guidelines for those adults with perfect health conditions to start a successful exercise regimen-

Regular exercise is a must for maintaining overall health and fitness in a person’ body.

• It is very essential that you create a comfortable exercise program that is exclusively designed for increasing efficiency and endurance of the cardiovascular functioning.

• Perform varieties of muscular strength and endurance exercise program.

• You can increase the level of flexibility by performing certain stretching and warming up before every workout.

• Another important point to be remembered is to measure the average body composition at regular intervals. In this way you will be able to set a goal to improve the ratio of body composition if it is required, within a certain period of time.

• Pay careful attention to the length of time and duration between every exercise routine session. Try to increase the attempts and session for improving your fitness and health factor.

Secrets of Choosing a Well Balanced Nutritious Diet

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Staying fit and healthy requires ample amount of exercising blended with perfect proportion of well balanced nutritious diet. If you chose to perform a regular exercise routine then try to generate necessary energy for the body by eating food products that are power packed with essential vitamins and minerals.
Tips to eat nutritious meals along with fantastic exercise routines

1. Carbohydrate rich food stuffs
Carbohydrate enriched food stuffs such as energy bars, fruits; pasta, bread etc. are effective meals that are to be consumed for best nutrition. However avoid eating heavy meals immediately after doing a vigorous exercising routine, since it might result in cramps, nausea, and stomach ache etc.

2. Eat Easily digestible food stuffs
Once you have completed your exercise regime, wait at least two to four hours before eating heavy well balanced nutritious meals. Similarly in case you had a heavy meal then it is advisable to start exercising at least four hours after the meal. But since people find it really difficult to do exercises and skip meals. It is better to opt for digestible foods such as smoothies, fresh fruits, sports health drinks etc. if you are planning to start on a exercise regime within one hour period of time.

3. Avoid junk foods
In modern times we do not have the essential space or time to grow our own vegetables or fruits or animals, in order to eat them fresh. But we have to go to the shops to purchase those veggies and fruits or meat and fish. Secret for a healthy shopping is to purchase only healthy stuffs and avoid picking those food stuffs that are junky, oily, spicy and sugary stuffs for maintaining health in a best order. Carefully read the ingredients that make every food and avoid those food materials that are deprived of all the nutrients and then made to taste enriched with artificial ingredients. This might be little hard for the first time but as days go by you will become knowledgeable enough to choose wisely.

4. Natural and fresh
Once you land in to the super market remember to buy fresh food materials as much as possible. Never try to stock them for long, because the longer it stays in your shelves it becomes more stripped off from its vitamins and other nutrients. Especially while buying vegetables and fruits buy them fresh. You can buy frozen veggies and fruits because they preserve the nutrients without being spoiled by keeping them in low temperature. The seeds, cold pressed oil stuffs and nuts etc. need to be fresh and therefore check the date of manufacture without fail. Buy oils that are conserved within dark containers, which helps in minimizing the effects of oxidation.

5. Real food for real health
There are basically three types of food materials available in the market these days. The foods far from its original natural state should be skipped. Other than natural state the other stuffs will only be manufactured for the profit of the industry exclusively. This is because of the reason that the market comprises of animal meat that has been fed with hormones and antibiotics. This factor makes it less nutrient and also with side effects as well. Even the normal food stuffs are loaded with artificial pasteurizing or possessing ingredients that keep them from being rotten for a longer period of time. In general food stuffs with a list of their ingredients should never be added to the shelf because they are not nutritious but unhealthy.

6. Traditional cooking methods to be followed once again
Develop an interest in the old cooking methods such as eating foods such as raw fermented nuts and vegetables, which are enriched with minerals and nutrients. Avoid margarine that are toxic and instead eat lard and butter. Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables is a traditional method of getting proper nutrition for the body.

7. Choose foods that keeps your body fit
While weaning your body from eating industrial unhealthy food stuffs, it is very important that you start experimenting whole nutritious diets that well suit your body mechanism. In case you suspect that certain food stuff is allergic or sensitive then try eliminating them from your diet chart forever. People struggling with certain chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc. need to keep themselves fit by choosing a well balanced diet prescribed by a professional doctor.

8. Time management
One important factor that contributes to people opting for possessed foods to healthy counterparts is that they are instantly available without much effort. The people start thinking that they can save time and energy by eating such fast foods. Instead start planning ahead for preparing and storing your refrigerator with healthy nutritious instant foods like pates and salads. Stuff your freezer with frozen vegetables, fruits, and thinly sliced meat and fish fillets eventually. Eggs are good choice for instantly preparing scrambled or omelets without wasting much time while getting ready for your office etc. There are few nutritious foods available commercially like the nuts, dairy, nut butters, sprouted breads and more. Eat healthy, do regular exercise to stay fit and healthy!