World Heart Day: Tips to maintain a healthy heart for Women

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world heart day World Heart Day: Tips to maintain a healthy heart for Women

Did you know that women are more susceptible to heart-related diseases than cancer or any other related maladies?

The notion of heart attacks is often misinterpreted as a fallacy that often befalls men, yet studies indicate that heart diseases are the No.1 threat to women around the world.

The heart is the most vital and laborious organ in our system – maintaining its efficiency is pivotal to the smooth functioning of every other organ in our body, just like the engine of the motorized vehicle.

Unlike your car, it isn’t necessarily easy to recognize the symptoms for an impending heart failure. Nearly half of the people who suffer from heart attacks do not realize it at that precise moment. These silent attacks are more common in women as compared to men.

According to world-renowned heart surgeon Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Medical perception of the general heart condition is segregated into three categories. 25% of people who live conservative health-conscious lifestyles and are still prone to heart diseases, the other 25% who live a decadent lifestyle of excessive indulgence, yet are obtuse to heart diseases and the remaining 50% who need to follow standard practices to prevent heart attacks.

80% of heart disease and strokes can be prevented through lifestyle changes and education. Symptoms of heart diseases are mostly similar yet vary from men to women.

Here are a few tips for women that can diminish your chances of cardiovascular problems:

Energize your heart – Exercise:

heart cardio World Heart Day: Tips to maintain a healthy heart for Women

Exercise is an effective regiment to ensure that there is blood circulation throughout the body; it ensures that you keep your weight in-check with many more benefits for the heart.

Exercise is often depicted as a strenuous ordeal, especially for the modern women for whom time is a luxury when balancing the tiresome ordeals at work and at home.

Just like every other advance’s in life, working-out has since evolved – home workout sessions like running, cycling and a whole host of other equipment has redefined exercise; considering the hectic time schedules and increasing number of outdoor pollutants.

Make the right choices – Live healthily:

healthy heart World Heart Day: Tips to maintain a healthy heart for Women

Keeping your heart in prime condition is a combination of several lifestyle choices that we make – from our sleep patterns, diet, dangerous habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc) and more.

It is a scientifically proven fact that human’s do not have carnivorous teeth – meaning we are supposed to be vegetarian. It is also scientifically proven that vegetables and fruits are good for the heart. Yet our divergent thinking has resulted in a majority of human carnivores.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean to avoid food that we crave but to balance it with sufficient nutrients that are mostly available in natural substances like fruits and vegetables. Fish is also considered a healthy alternative to meat, it is good for the heart and contains less cholesterol – a substance known to clog our arteries. Drinking plenty of water is also considered another source of nourishment that replenishes the heart.

Smile for the heart’s sake – be cheerful:

healthy heart for women World Heart Day: Tips to maintain a healthy heart for Women

Smiling in the face of trouble – a theory that is easier said than done. Reports indicate that women live happier and satisfied lives than men. Yet, we all succumb to the pressures of life. Our frustrations turn to anger, rage, constant agony and anxiety that stir up our stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol to speed up our heart rate and breathing.

Whether it’s an outburst or pent-up rage – they all evoke the same emotional response that isn’t good for the heart. Researchers have found that the happiest people were 22% less likely to develop heart disease.

Showing constraint is not something that comes naturally to most of us, we need to follow breathing techniques or meditation, Yoga or simply avoid a volatile situation.

This World Heart Day, we celebrate the heart of women, not only for the moral virtues of love, care, and sacrifice that it embodies but to protect it from the physical and emotional impediments that surround us.

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