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“You live only once and if you Work it Right, Then once is enough!”

Have you ever thought about your fitness and wellness levels? If the answer is No, then listen up now. Because today is your chance to get it Right!

There is so much confusion between the terms fitness and wellnesswhich is often misunderstood many times. So let’s back track and clarify things.

The fact is, being fit and being well are totally different conditions. However both are essential for maintaining health. The word ‘fitness’ means the ability to perform physical activities. A person who is fit may not necessarily be a healthy person and a person who is healthy may not necessarily be fit. Health covers a wide array of components which are usually under the umbrella word ‘Wellness’. So wellness covers all health- like mental, emotional and physical health.

Your fitness and wellbeing is 100% Mental. Your body won’t go, where your mind doesn’t push it! The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity is only going to bring down your body’s immune system. And this is why wellness, not just fitness is important! So for those who believe they are fit, it’s also important to pay attention to your wellness to stay healthy. Remember, everything you need is already inside you. It’s just that you have to know how to make an ideal balance out of it. So do something today that your future self will thank you for!Stay fit. Stay healthy. Stay strong!

The western mind screated two different terms called ‘Fitness’ and ‘Wellness’. Anything related to physiology is called as Fitness (Exercise, Diet etc.) and anything related to well-being and relaxation of the mind is called as Wellness (Yoga, Massage etc.). This is easy to differentiate for the people in the industry, but confusing for a common man. There are people out there who even think that exercise and diet are fancy stuff just for youngsters whereas yoga and massage are just for aged people. NO! It is a total misconception that nobody cares to notice yet. Anyone can need both of it based on their individual life styles.

“You live only once and if you work it right, then once is enough!”
Eastern principlesdoes not comprehend the terms fitness and wellness. Bringing both of it together, itis called asArokiya in Sanskrit. It is like two parallel tracks where we humans run together. So let’s not give it different meanings and confuse ourselves. Here, we will have a peek on Fitness.

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