First of its kind fitness center in India

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The Acme Experience center located at Vetuvankani ECR, is a one stop fitness solution provider for all your fitness requirement. The center is divided into two main areas, the fitness store and the fitness studio. The store offers international brands of fitness equipment and accessories. The unique feature about the store is the first of its kind ‘TEST TRAIN’ option where you can use various the fitness equipment and then make an informed purchase. You can use the fitness equipment for couple of session. A reputed fitness professional will assist you in the correct usage of the equipment, advising you on effective workouts with proper warm up and cool down methods. The store guides you to set up your home gym with cost and space effective equipment and accessories. The store has ain-house fitness consultant and equipment adviser. The problem often faced with home gym equipment is either under use or over use that leads to under usage again. To prevent this, the fitness consultant provides a step by step instruction to use the equipment effectively and how to stay injury free. They also assist the customer in picking up the right fitness equipment based on their age, medical condition and life style. They start with a quick fitness evaluation that includes posture, Flexibility, fat percentage,BMI, water content of the body and muscle mass using the latest TANITA IN BODY ANALYSER. This service is available for free for all customers at the store. After taking your basic inputs like the space availability and budget we recommend an ideal solution based on your requirement. We also have a trial facility on those equipment for three days, this really gives a touch and feel experience of the product. Most of the people who buy home fitness equipment will expect the commercial features what they had in their gyms, once you buy something online or without knowing this features they may get disappointed. To prevent this the TEST TRAIN Options is a excellent way, for example we might expect a longer running area in a treadmill, if we end up buying a small treadmill it is not going to servethe purpose. Sometimes wrong choice of fitness equipment leads to injury, if a over pronated footer (Low arch) uses a treadmill instead of elliptical trainer it might create serious joint issues in his knees and low back. We also have a cherry picked range of accessories that really work for you and we also provide accessories based fitness solution that is comparatively cheaper than fitness equipment.It’s doesn’t end by getting the right equipment, we need to stay motivated else whatever the feature you have in your machine it will just end up as a wardrobe. To prevent this, the second part of the store comes into play here.

The personalized fitness studio run by Chennai’s renowned fitness professional MR.HARIHARAN. He is a certified fitness trainer and he founded his own fitness academy called LIFEFIT ACADEMY FOR FITNESS PROFESSIONALS. Acme fitness has atie-up with LIFEFIT studio as a solution provider for their customers. Here, a complete tailor made home based exercise program is designed based on LIFEFIT TRAINING SYSTEM developed by Mr HARIHARAN, the specialty about these programs is the step by step instruction specially designed for beginners by understanding their problems, like inconsistency, poor pain baring capacity etc. The principles of LIFEFIT is ‘Unique Lives Unique Solutions’. The client undergoes a complete fitness and lifestyle assessment and a special posture assessment. They will be identified with their strengths and weaknesses, their tight and week muscle group based on this a corrective exercise plan and a goal oriented exercise plan is prescribed. The corrective exercise program ensures a sense of well being, rather starting with full intense program and end up with soreness that lead to drop outs. Once the client is comfortable with the corrective exercise program then slowly and gradually the intensity of the goal-oriented program is increased. A fully dedicated personal fitness manger will train and track the complete program over a period of engagement. In the course of three month time the client will have a complete understanding on how to do exercises the right way, which exercises will suit him/her and which are better for their life style. This is done along with a diet counseling and practical diet chart. The entire goal of the program is to make the client independent, to do his/her fitness activities regularly at home. They will also consult with us for changes or modifications in their programs.The experience center also provide ‘at home personal training’ support with certified fitness trainers. All to make fitness fun.

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