Fitness Components to Achieve Optimum Health

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We are living in an easy to grab lifestyle, where everything you desire to have is offered to you instantly at less healthy version. People are therefore constantly searching for easy methods to shed those extra pounds and burn unwanted calories. This is the reason for the increasing popularity for exercising equipment workout video series and fad diets etc. The internet and real world are flooded with various advertisements for these products with diverse promises such as tight buns and fabulous abs.

Basic fitness components and steps to achieve maximum health
Remember my friend that these can never give you real fitness. Before venturing for perfect fitness options in the world, it is very important that you understand the real depth and meaning of fitness. Basically there are four components available for fitness which are considered as chief ingredient for a successive fitness regime.-

• Muscular strength and endurance
• Cardiovascular strength and endurance
• Body composition
• Flexibility

Here are listed the real meaning and functionality of these components for those with inner passion to achieve better health and fitness in your lives.

1.Muscular strength and endurance
If you are wondering what the term muscular strength really means, it is a person’s ability to do a single repetition with optimum resistance. And a person’s ability and strength to perform plenty of repetitions with perfect resistance eventually. It is essential that you balance between the endurance and strength in proper manner, in order to achieve maximum strength in a well balanced manner. Only with a beneficial strength production one can be implement the goodness of fitness in his or her real life as well.

2.Cardiovascular strength and endurance
The cardiovascular strength defines the interaction or cooperation between the circulatory system, the lungs and the heart for producing a combined blended effect which is greater than its separate performances. Perfect fitness programs should support the ability of the lungs to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen through the blood circulation. It will increase the body’s ability to transport purified blood along with other nutrients for proper functioning of the active cell tissues.

3.Body composition

Body composition is the perfect ratio between body fat and lean tissue. This factor is mostly considered as the best method to judge the fitness of a person. Remember that even if you are having a six pack body that never affirms that you are hale, healthy and fit. The ratio between fat-lean varies in every person according to his or her age, sex and other factors etc. But it is essential that a person has the minimum percentage of body fat in order to possess a well balanced health. The minimum limit can be considered as 12 percentages in females and 5 percentages in males. The average healthy body fat content percentages that any woman possess is up to 25 percentage in a female and up to 18 percentage in males. Therefore be sensible enough to maintain good average ratio for maximum health and fitness.

Every joint in the bones of a human should move freely without any disturbances or pain, in all the directions. A person must be able to move at normal motion range in a complete circulation exclusively. Basic factors that contribute for the normal flexibility of bones and muscles are the elasticity of the muscle tissues along with the muscle strength from the opposing groups. Therefore stretching and bending without any complications is very important for ultimate functioning of the body.

How to maintain good health and fitness components?
Every person’s target should be to achieve maximum fitness. Only a body with proper maintenance of body fitness can stay healthy in a perfect manner. There are various options available for attaining maximum health. You can browse through the available options and choose carefully the best program that well suits your targeted fitness. Here are listed few guidelines for those adults with perfect health conditions to start a successful exercise regimen-

Regular exercise is a must for maintaining overall health and fitness in a person’ body.

• It is very essential that you create a comfortable exercise program that is exclusively designed for increasing efficiency and endurance of the cardiovascular functioning.

• Perform varieties of muscular strength and endurance exercise program.

• You can increase the level of flexibility by performing certain stretching and warming up before every workout.

• Another important point to be remembered is to measure the average body composition at regular intervals. In this way you will be able to set a goal to improve the ratio of body composition if it is required, within a certain period of time.

• Pay careful attention to the length of time and duration between every exercise routine session. Try to increase the attempts and session for improving your fitness and health factor.

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