Secrets of Choosing a Well Balanced Nutritious Diet

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Staying fit and healthy requires ample amount of exercising blended with perfect proportion of well balanced nutritious diet. If you chose to perform a regular exercise routine then try to generate necessary energy for the body by eating food products that are power packed with essential vitamins and minerals.
Tips to eat nutritious meals along with fantastic exercise routines

1. Carbohydrate rich food stuffs
Carbohydrate enriched food stuffs such as energy bars, fruits; pasta, bread etc. are effective meals that are to be consumed for best nutrition. However avoid eating heavy meals immediately after doing a vigorous exercising routine, since it might result in cramps, nausea, and stomach ache etc.

2. Eat Easily digestible food stuffs
Once you have completed your exercise regime, wait at least two to four hours before eating heavy well balanced nutritious meals. Similarly in case you had a heavy meal then it is advisable to start exercising at least four hours after the meal. But since people find it really difficult to do exercises and skip meals. It is better to opt for digestible foods such as smoothies, fresh fruits, sports health drinks etc. if you are planning to start on a exercise regime within one hour period of time.

3. Avoid junk foods
In modern times we do not have the essential space or time to grow our own vegetables or fruits or animals, in order to eat them fresh. But we have to go to the shops to purchase those veggies and fruits or meat and fish. Secret for a healthy shopping is to purchase only healthy stuffs and avoid picking those food stuffs that are junky, oily, spicy and sugary stuffs for maintaining health in a best order. Carefully read the ingredients that make every food and avoid those food materials that are deprived of all the nutrients and then made to taste enriched with artificial ingredients. This might be little hard for the first time but as days go by you will become knowledgeable enough to choose wisely.

4. Natural and fresh
Once you land in to the super market remember to buy fresh food materials as much as possible. Never try to stock them for long, because the longer it stays in your shelves it becomes more stripped off from its vitamins and other nutrients. Especially while buying vegetables and fruits buy them fresh. You can buy frozen veggies and fruits because they preserve the nutrients without being spoiled by keeping them in low temperature. The seeds, cold pressed oil stuffs and nuts etc. need to be fresh and therefore check the date of manufacture without fail. Buy oils that are conserved within dark containers, which helps in minimizing the effects of oxidation.

5. Real food for real health
There are basically three types of food materials available in the market these days. The foods far from its original natural state should be skipped. Other than natural state the other stuffs will only be manufactured for the profit of the industry exclusively. This is because of the reason that the market comprises of animal meat that has been fed with hormones and antibiotics. This factor makes it less nutrient and also with side effects as well. Even the normal food stuffs are loaded with artificial pasteurizing or possessing ingredients that keep them from being rotten for a longer period of time. In general food stuffs with a list of their ingredients should never be added to the shelf because they are not nutritious but unhealthy.

6. Traditional cooking methods to be followed once again
Develop an interest in the old cooking methods such as eating foods such as raw fermented nuts and vegetables, which are enriched with minerals and nutrients. Avoid margarine that are toxic and instead eat lard and butter. Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables is a traditional method of getting proper nutrition for the body.

7. Choose foods that keeps your body fit
While weaning your body from eating industrial unhealthy food stuffs, it is very important that you start experimenting whole nutritious diets that well suit your body mechanism. In case you suspect that certain food stuff is allergic or sensitive then try eliminating them from your diet chart forever. People struggling with certain chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc. need to keep themselves fit by choosing a well balanced diet prescribed by a professional doctor.

8. Time management
One important factor that contributes to people opting for possessed foods to healthy counterparts is that they are instantly available without much effort. The people start thinking that they can save time and energy by eating such fast foods. Instead start planning ahead for preparing and storing your refrigerator with healthy nutritious instant foods like pates and salads. Stuff your freezer with frozen vegetables, fruits, and thinly sliced meat and fish fillets eventually. Eggs are good choice for instantly preparing scrambled or omelets without wasting much time while getting ready for your office etc. There are few nutritious foods available commercially like the nuts, dairy, nut butters, sprouted breads and more. Eat healthy, do regular exercise to stay fit and healthy!

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