Top 5 Fitness Exercises to Incorporate- for Maximum Benefits

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In today’s busy world there is scarcity of time for men and women to sit and relax or do anything that refreshes their souls, and therefore people usually skip their fitness efforts. Here are few secret tips on tasting fitness and good health even though you have less time to squeeze in a perfect workout schedule. For decades people who wanted to stay healthy has been experimenting and practicing numerous exercises. But if you want most effective of them all, which produces optimum results then read further and grab some knowledge. Every individual has different fitness aim but the following exercises cater your needs to obtain great physique, sexy tight thighs and legs, fabulous cardio health and muscular arms.

1. Squats

One of the basic and best all-round fitness secret is exercising with squats. This is considered as the best option for toning and strengthening your calves, quads, core and hamstrings extensively. Though you are implementing various other exercising options, always include squats in your everyday routine. Use squat by fixing it to the barbell or by holding various size dumbbells for strengthening your bones and muscles. In case your target is to improve cardio health or for endurance then try training with body-weight squats.

2. Different types of pushups

‘Pushups’ is one form of exercising that is well known but often ignored. Its benefits are numerous. People of present generations are suffering from diverse diseases and possess flabby, weak and brittle chest and arms. If you want to strengthen and tone them it is essential that you start incorporating pushups into your everyday workout regime. This exercise is a fantastic form of fitness achiever that helps in developing your shoulders, chest, abs, back, shoulders, quads and triceps. There are different types of pushups available and carefully analyze them and blend them as a single routine. Following is the step by step guide of pushups methods to be implemented for optimum results-

a) First you need to start with wall pushups by facing the wall and then lean towards it by moving your feet far away from the wall.

b) Second level is the counter pushup where you need to lean and train from the edge of a particular counter.

c) Third level is the knee pushup which is the standard form of pushup done on knees.

d) Fourth level is the regular feet elevated pushup.

There are various other forms of pushups such as the wide hands pushups where you place your hands firmly on the floor with wide apart distance. This method is very good for strengthening your back muscles. The next type is the close hands method, by which you need to place your hands closer on the floor with foot apart. This might be little difficult for implementing initially but it works wonders. Handstand ‘pushups’ is the best option for getting strong and firm shoulders.

3. Running or walking

Most of us start doing exercises in order to keep our body fit, healthy and improve our heart conditions. Running or walking could be considered as the best way to achieve over all maxim fitness. You can enjoy the benefits of walking or running by buying the best treadmill available in the fitness market. You can relax and walk within the comfort zone of your sweet home.

4. Chin-ups and pull-ups

Every individual especially women require strong upper body and lack of strength might cause inability to lift anything easily but will require much pressure. Strong muscles allow you to perform without much stress. Pushups and pull-ups are best options for women to strengthen upper body muscles. Women need to start incorporating these exercises and start lifting their own body weight with their arms. You can build a muscular arms and strong back by emphasizing on the advantages of chin-ups, pull-ups and pushups. There are pull-up machines available in the gym or you can buy one for your home gym. Follow this routine with the pull-up machines for maximum benefits.

Try to complete 2 chin-ups and 1 pull-up initially and then gradually increase the intense with increased targets. Hang on for 30 seconds in the same position after pulling up your upper body from a bar. Once your strength to hold on is ceased stop holding on upwards any longer, gently lower your back in a soothing manner. You can do this fitness exercise for 5 times every day. Training on a Benchmark will be helpful for strengthening your muscles and increasing health.


Working out on the plank is a powerful option for strengthening your legs, arms, back, abs and abdominal muscles, which represents the basic strength. Place your hands or elbows on the mat near your chest and lie facing down. Then position your body to a straight line by squeezing the abs. hold on to this position for 30 seconds, then slowly release, lower and rest back gently. You can perform this exercise as many times as possible according to your comfort level.

These are basic 5 fitness exercises that people need to follow for strengthening their muscles and increasing health of the body.

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