Key Factors for a Successful Fitness Regime

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People in present generation are living sedentary lifestyles because of the marvelous revolution in technology. Fascinating tablets and intriguing video games have made our children forget sports activities and other recreational games like hide and seek, running etc. These refreshing activities have become a rarity for this generation and even adults are getting more and more addicted to sit idle in front of TV and computers, which is hazardous for good health. But relax, there is good news!

Fitness can be attained at any age and even though you are out of shape, you can easily regain your health and beauty by creating a personalized fitness plan. But before implementing an everyday fitness regime it is essential that you know your goals, understand the capacity of your body and also its limitations.

1. Determining your fitness goals

Every individual has different motives and goals. Therefore first determine your fitness target, whether you need to shed extra calories or strengthen your muscles or generate more blood circulation to strengthen your heart. Take a plain sheet of paper and write down these fitness goals and the related fitness programs that you plan to follow for accomplishing this target with determination.

2. Check your pulse rate

In case your fitness goal is strengthening your heart, then start checking the heart rate. Determining your heart rate is considered to be important basically for two major causes-

• It helps you to check if the fitness regime you follow are with perfect intensity

• It warns the individual in case he or she exceeds their limit of heart rate which might endanger their health

Therefore it is essential that you check your pulse rate in between in order to ensure that your cardiovascular functioning is fit and healthy. Determining the heart rate also allows you to find out if you are exercising within the targeted intensity.

3. Fitness program for optimum results

Our bones become weak and brittle as they also grow old along with us. Target the fitness program towards strengthening your inner and outer thigh muscles, gluts, hamstrings, quadriceps, abdominals, biceps and triceps extensively. Resistance training is the one extraordinary exercise program that strengthens your bones and muscles magically.

Once you start performing weight bearing fitness exercises regularly, it avoids hip and bone fractures to great extent. Start initially by concentrating on exercises such as quads that strengthens your larger muscles. Quads are considered as the best option for your quads. You need to perform this exercise by standing with legs apart and squat, like you are sitting in a chair. Try to hold on to that position for at least 10 seconds and then slowly start rising up back to the straight standing position. Continue doing this with 12 repetitions of squads in two sets.

Leg lifts will allow you to strengthen the hamstrings exclusively. Initially set the leg lifting machine intensity to 20 pounds and start performing the exercise for each leg separately. Curl the legs high in such a way that your back sides of your heel touch the glutes. Hold on in that particular position for few seconds only and then release. Repeat this procedure once again. For best results you should perform double sets with 12 reps of hamstring leg curls.

Abductor machine can be used for strengthening and firming your outer thigh muscles. Start these exercises first with 50 pounds weight. You can perform this fitness program by spreading slowly your legs to full extension and then slowly release the tension and bring your legs closer. A person doing this for the first time will experience a burning sensation. Perform two sets of exclusive sets of 12 reps.
Building biceps starts with two set of 5 pound dumbbells concentrating for arm curls, which is very easy to do. Hold your arm in a 90 degree angle sitting on straight back bench. Gently curl your arm towards the chest and count up to five, and then extend towards your thighs. Double sets of 12 should be started initially.

4. Try to do optional fitness exercises to revive the spirit

At times you need a break from the routine fitness regime in order to spice up your boring repeated health plan. You can try going for aerobics or yoga classes along with your regular exercising, in order to burn those extra calories joyfully. You can focus on relaxing, breathing and stretching exercises for igniting your mind and soul with extra strength. After fully fledged exercise program you can sit in a steam bath tub for opening your pores and refreshing your skin.

5. Balanced diet

Most important aspect that you need to concentrate while following a proper fitness regime is to eat and drink a balanced healthy diet. Basically six nutrients are important for proper functioning of body, which includes vitamins, fats, minerals, water, proteins and carbohydrates exclusively. Avoid eating junk foods that will reduce the benefits you would be otherwise gaining through best fitness programs.

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