Flat tummy in 7 days? Even Times of India got it all wrong.

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flat tummy in 7 days1 Flat tummy in 7 days? Even Times of India got it all wrong.

After years of trying various remedies for weight loss and coming to terms with the fact that only regular exercise and not magical remedies will help me get control over excess body fat, I come across an article like this that says it is that it takes a mere 7 days to fit into my old pair of jeans?

It is sad that newspapers of repute publish articles that are misleading and baseless. It is common knowledge that being fit is a way of life. There is no quick fix solution that will work in seven days or even seven weeks! People who are conscious of fitness and have flab control as an agenda make workouts at the gym or taking regular walks a part of their every day schedule. If you have begun on a journey to become fit, you will appreciate that losing fat around your middle is the toughest.

There are hundreds of articles like these on the web that tell you how easy it is to get flatter abdominal muscles or even build a six pack like your favorite hero from Hollywood. Articles like these will advise you to do hundreds of crunches to see your six packs magically appear.

If flatter abs is your resolution, it is crucial to reduce your calorie intake and begin an exercise program. Machines like treadmills and elliptical will improve your overall cardio vascular condition. Treadmills give you option to increase or reduce the intensity of your workout. Whatever your fitness level, treadmills may be the best choice if you are just beginning an exercise routine. Aerobic exercise will help you lose fat from all over your body. Once you have burned the extra fat around your middle with regular exercise, then you can target strengthening your core muscles.

Lastly, you have to understand and make peace with the fact that even when you are on the right track with your diet and exercise; it is not the belly fat that disappears first. It is a stubborn category of fat and will disappear with continued and committed diet and exercise regimen.

What other myths about exercise have you managed to disprove in your life?

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  • http://twitter.com/SingaSling HG

    Fitness is now such a big industry that its almost as hard to get to the truth about any fitness theory as it is to lose that stubborn beer belly :-) Happy to see someone trying to separate wheat from the chaff.

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